Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A New Beginning

Welcome to my new blog. I thought I would start with this closeup photo of an art quilt I created in 2003. It was created as part of the Journal Quilt Project started by Karey Bresenhan in 2002, "to inspire creativity, experimentation, and growth among quilt artists". This was my January journal entry and it was one of more than 400 images selected out of over 6,000 to be published in Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilt Project book in the fall of 2006.

This image was the first one I created as a participant in this project. This January journal page depicts the image of a rock climber which to me, represents setting goals and the effort it takes to accomplish those goals. The full size is 8.5 x 11. The small patch of blue sky was from fabric I hand dyed. It was interesting to work in such a small format.

I am participating again this year but I am not able to post any images until after the fall premiere at the International Quilt Show in Houston. However, with this new blog I hope to post my artwork, whether it is work previously completed, new works or work-in-progress. Constructive criticism helps me grow as an artist and I welcome comments.

I am not new to blogging. I have another blog, Sketch Monkey Blues, that I started inspired by of Danny Gregory's Everyday Matters group where I felt encouraged to post my drawings/sketches. I currently do not have a web page, that may be a future possibility, but all of my work is offered for sale. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in any of my work, including works-in-progress.


Gabriella Travaline said...

WOW! that is so cool that u and i have really progressed with our art!!! you can be sure that i'm buying this book- hey,i'm gonna mail it to you for an autograph,K? btw- this piece is gorgeous!

Cay Denise said...

Congratulations! I love how your fabric choice for the seat of the pants works to show motion and weight!

I too have a couple pieces in the book. Once I receive the book, I'll look for yours as well!

Cay Denise