Thursday, November 02, 2006

This is a photo of one of my pieces, currently untitled. It is 8.5 x 11. I made it as one of my journal pages in March of this year. We made a page each month, but we only had to choose five to submit to the exhibit. This is one that I did not include for the exhibit. I used some of my photographs to experiment in layering/transparency using organza as well as vellum. This photo was taken before I put the edging around it.

I was fortunate to attend the Houston International Quilt show for the first time this year. I got to see and be inspired by this year's journal pages exhibit. It gave me a chance to read the other artists' statements and have a more intimate viewing of such personal/creative/experimental works. I attended the Studio Art Quilt/Journal Quilt reception as well and was able to pick up my copy of Creative Quilting: The Journal Quilt Project in person. Many thanks to Karey Bresenhan for creating this project and hosting the reception.