Friday, November 02, 2007

Exhibit opens today in Houston for (you can read more about this project by clicking on this link Journal Quilt Project 2007):

A Page from My Book:
Journal Quilts 2007 - Journal Quilt Project

Impossible Things

The machine-stitched sketch is from a photograph of me reading to my granddaughter, Madison. I left out the tubes taped to her face in my version. Weighing one pound, 13 ounces, Madison was born July 19th, 2006, months ahead of her October 20th due date. Due to collapsed lungs and other medical issues, she was not expected to survive. With her delicate skin, the NICU staff could barely touch or move her. They asked us to bring in teeny beanie babies to help prop her or hold tubing in place. The appliqué animals are based on the beanie babies in her incubator in the NICU unit, where she spent nearly 3 months.
At 16 pounds, Madison recently celebrated her 1st birthday, a happy and healthy toddler. I completed this "page" for the journal project on Grandparent’s day.
If you look closely to the flowers on the left-hand side you can see where I wrote a favorite Lewis Carroll quote, that to me sums up my granddaughter as well as my experience with the journal project: “sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast”.


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Christine Thresh said...

Your journal quilt is my first impossible thing before my breakfast today. It is wonderful.

Nikki said...

A wonderful quilt to celebrate a miracle!