Monday, May 05, 2008

I am back from my first visit to Portland, OR. The second day there the temperature was in the 40's with showers. So we did what any Portlander would do - headed outdoors! (The photo is of me at the Portland Zoo ducking inside from the rain.) The rest of the visit the weather improved with each day and we actually got to enjoy a few days of sunshine. We walked down by the river, went to the Portland Market and walked around the NW 23rd/Nob Hill area enjoying the shops, the outdoor cafes, the Victorian houses and greenery. Of course, another day was mostly spent at Powell's Books and I didn't notice the weather! I also had a chance to briefly stop into 23rd Avenue Books. I love Portland and would like to go back, maybe for my birthday in November and the Wordstock event.

It was 72 degrees the morning after I returned to my home in Tucson, Arizona and all the usual suspects were in my yard: a roadrunner running by with his breakfast, a snake by the mail box, quail, bunnies and lizards darting about the cactus. Ahhhh, it is good to be back! I guess I am just a desert rat at heart.