Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas photo bookmarks - at last I can post!

As promised, the photo bookmark I made for Christmas that I couldn't post on Day 1. 

By the way, the book used in this post is Lost Souls:  Found! Inspiring Stories About Chihuahuas.  The dog in this photo on page 114, is of Nala, the dog I adopted from a rescue organization!! 

The photo of her was taken when she was still in foster care.  She still has that adorable droopy ear!  She was found by a rescue group at the Arizona Humane Society underweight, scared and dragging herself around by her front paws.  At the time it was feared this was a permanent disability.  The foster parents were researching doggie wheelchairs.

The purchase price of the book goes in helps support animal rescue efforts by showcasing the love, happiness and joy adopted dogs have to offer.  I can testify to that.  Nala is the most wonderful, sweet-natured girl and I feel privileged to have her.  You can find out more about the stories/books or share your own by going to

I can report that Nala is thriving, walks and runs unassisted and as I write this post she is beside me, snoring in her sock monkey bed.

It is really hard to make just one!!!

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