Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day Two - Duct Tape Bookmarks

What fun!  I loved this!  This is one bookmark, reversible.......My daughter found this awesome duct tape at Wally World for me.  I think they actually call this brand "Duck" tape.  I love the designs.  I love the feel of these bookmarks.  I made it reversible, with a different pattern on each side. I used card stock inside to make them sturdier.  Very fast, fun, easy. (I have even seen prom dresses made out of duct tape!!)!.  There is a lot of wonderful duct tape prints out there too.  I saw some with Justin Bieber on it, but they wanted $12 for it at Office Max.  My granddaughter would have loved a bookmark made out of it.  These can be addicting.  I don't think I can make just one.

I've already made some discoveries as I plunge into making: A Bookmark-A-Day for 365 Days.  In order to complete this project and to last the whole year - I will have to get ORGANIZED!!  I will have to organize my supplies AND my time!!  Also, for now I will have to make bookmarks with supplies on hand.  Otherwise I can waste a lot of time shopping not to mention the expense!! 

Well, this sure beats using my receipt from Michaels as a bookmark, like I did last night!

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