Thursday, December 13, 2012


Entelechy noun “the full realization of one’s inherent potential”.  Derives from the Greek word meaning to have a goal or to embody the perfection.

Well I now have the daunting task of actually picking a date to start my Bookmark-A-Day for 365 days.  January 1, 2013, would be the obvious choice.   I know others have done this with various projects and with various degrees of success.  I think “any”” attempt of a daily creative activity at all is success.  I am impressed that anyone makes an attempt at doing anything every day for a year.

There are not many things that we do every day.  Eating of course, brushing our teeth, shower (hopefully)….but have you ever decided to start an exercise program?  How far did you get?  Well, I have.  Let’s put it this way, I will admit right now that I did NOT do it daily for 365 days.  I should have, it would have been great for me.
I do have one possible advantage, I do not have television.  So there is some free time right  there.  Plus, all that time spent NOT exercising affords me another block of free time. 

So my To Do List would maybe read something like this for the next 365 days:

1.  Eat breakfast
2.  Shower
3.  Brush Teeth
4.  Make a bookmark

Well, I sent the link to a few friends announcing my intentions plus posting on this blog to help holding myself accountable, I guess now is as good of time as any to start or at least tomorrow.....................

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