Thursday, January 10, 2013

Day 28 A Bookmark a Day - Hand drawn Bookmark

Hand Drawn bookmark 
 I recently joined a group that exchanges bookmarks.  I am doing my first exchange with Jackie from Belgium.  She prefers paper bookmarks, so I picked out some for her and I am including this hand drawn one I made also.
I am also sending her this one from the library:
Jackie likes bookmarks from art galleries, bookstores, libraries and book festivals.  As I was going through my book marks to select some to send, I found some from independent bookstores in Tucson that are now, sadly, long gone.  Bookstop, Bookmark, Coyote's Voice, the Haunted Bookshop, Tortuga Books (Tubac, AZ),  just to name a few.  These bookmarks can't be replaced.  I lament all the wonderful independent bookstores in Tucson we have lost!
Fortunately we do still have an independent bookstore on 4th Street, 
Photo of Antigone Books, taken by photographer, Vita Rose.

Antigone Books , one of the few left.  Another wonderful independent bookstore is The Singing Winds Bookshop located on a working ranch in Benson, Arizona. They specialize in books about the southwest. 

Support your local independent bookstores before they become just something of the past.



Mary Walker Designs said...

What a fun activity I have made homemade bookmarks but never thought to swap them.

Mary Walker Designs said...

Also I would like to follow your blog but couldn't find your follow widget

Lauralyn said...

Thank you! I am trying to figure the widget out!! lol I will let you know as soon as I do.