Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Day 39 Life Happens - Make-a-bookmark-a-day - BANANA BOOKMARK

Life happens.  Anyone setting out to be creative everyday, no matter how good your intentions -  life will throw you a curve.

 I had a family major medical emergency that took me away from my surroundings, my supplies and my normal life.  Hence, (drum roll please) the banana bookmark.  Made from a real banana peel from my breakfast and recycled into a bookmark.  The peel itself is not a practical bookmark of course, but the photo, cut out and laminated - is GREAT.  Making do with what I have and the time I had, putting my creativity to test.

Noah Scalin of Make Something 365 Days and Get Unstuck blogger, created something in the time he had with whatever he had on hand whether it was a napkin in an airport or a dollar bill in his pocket.  The act of creating, is a great distraction during times of stress.  Even if you only have a couple of minutes.

All my bookmarks are available in my shop through the Big Cartel.  This is a great company that provides "art for your cart".  Since I can only post five items at a time through the Big Cartel, you can also join me on Facebook, Lazy Lizard Studio, where I have more photos of my work that is available.  I do special orders and you can contact me through this blog (but certain Big Cartel will be quicker and Facebook is quickest if you want to place an order).  You can even purchase your very own banana bookmark!!

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