Sunday, January 06, 2013

Product Review: Fiskars Non Stick Scissors.

Fiskars Non Stick Scissors purchased from Walmart.  This pair is 7" long, the blade portion is 3" in length.  Inexpensive.

OK, I have to admit it.......I didn't even realize nonstick scissors existed until recently.  Now, I can't live without them.

If you work with adhesives, I would say these are a must have.  A bonus is the decorative pattern on this pair!  I always grab the correct pair scissors when I am in the middle of a project......I don't know if it was due to the small size or because I purchased in Walmart, but they are inexpensive also. 

If you do not have nonstick scissors and you get duct tape goo on the blades  when making that duct tape prom dress for instance, the best way to get the goo off is by.....drum roll:  using duct tape.  Yep, the goo will get off the blade and go back on the sticky side of the duct tape.  Easey pasey, but NOT as easy as having nonstick scissors in the first place.  How did I function before having these?

I have not tried other brands, but I think nonstick scissors in general are WONDERFUL!!! 

Speaking of duct tape and uses for it....went to hear Shaky Bones at Montery Courtyard in Tucson.  If you look closely at Connie's (lead singer) right foot she has her percussion instrument duct taped to her shoe!!!  Now that is some toe tapping fun.  Pictured here she is sitting on a cajon drum (pronounced ka-HONE).  It is basically a wooden box enclosed on all sides.  It is also called a Peruvian drum.  I want one.  It looks fun!  I apologize for the washed out photos.  They were taken at night from my phone!!
Connie "Big Mama" Brannock- Lead singer Shaky Bones

Shaky Bones performing at Montery Courtyard, Tucson, AZ, December 3rd

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