Friday, January 04, 2013

Product Review: Martha Stewart Scoring Board with envelope guide.


As promised in my post Dec. 26th (which was day 13th of creating bookmarks for 365 days) here is my review of the Martha Stewart Scoring Board. You can make envelopes, boxes, pleated flowers and more!  Go to this link for five ideas for using the scoring board. I plan to try making those cute pleated flowers soon.  I would highly recommend this product.

The envelope guide knocks my socks off.  It fits in the left-hand corner when you are using it and you can store it underneath the board.  The board also has a small drawer in the top that stores the bone folder that it comes with plus I store a stylus in there too. I bet a couple of M&M's would fit in there as well.  The grooves are in increments of eighths where most of the others have quarter inch markings. 
Amazon was selling it for $13 and change before Christmas but I got it for $10 with a Michael Coupon.  There was a similar product I was considering that cost three to four times as much when I was shopping for it.  I noticed the similar product now has a video showing you how to measure eighths on their board.  You can use the MS board without needing a video.  
The MS board has the measurements to use for the envelopes on the envelope guide as well as in the inside lid of the drawer she has box and card measurements posted so you don't have to look this information up every time.  I know you should always test before ruining good paper, etc., but I was excited and did this envelope on my first try, it is THAT easy.  Did I mention fun?  Plus, these are sooooo much easier to mail than the coconuts I tried to mail from Hawaii years ago. 
I think this is a very well thought out product, simple to use and the price is more than fair.  I am not affiliated in any way, just a happy customer. 

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