Saturday, February 23, 2013

Art Quilt Journals

My latest project is creating personal journals from small art quilts I made as a participant in the Journal Quilt Project by organizer/curator and director Karey Patterson Bresehan.  The "journal pages" exhibited at the International Quilt Festival in Houston.  I participated a couple of different years.

The quilt pictured above was the very first "journal page" I created in January 2003 and it was published in the book Creative Quilting, The Journal Quilt Project (page 204). 

It was a privilege to participate and I am grateful for Karey Patterson Bresehan for creating this safe haven outside of competition, for quilt artists around the world, no matter what level they were at.  This was an amazing project that allowed us to experiment and grow as artists.  It taught me a lot, how to work in a series, working on deadline, and allowing myself freedom to play/create not worrying about the end results.

Below is one of the art quilt "journal pages" created in the series I did in 2003 and in it's journal form on the right. I think it is very fitting to create a personal journal from it.  I have been trying to decide what type of paper I wanted to put in these journals.  I decided for the first one it would be fitting to create fabric pages.  Possibly in future journals I will put in watercolor paper.  I would like to make another one with mixed papers.  I will post my progress as I work on these.


Pictured below is the inside cover of the journal. 

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