Monday, February 04, 2013

Day 52 make a bookmark a day for 365 days!

This another collaged magnetic bookmark laminated for protection with a blank greeting card.
As I am well into my second month of making a bookmark everyday.  I have been inspired, had fun and had challenges.  My enthusiasm has not slowed.  I knew that a year of doing something every day would have challenges and I suppose I thought that would be an issue after a few months.  It is quite the opposite, my enthusiasm has increased and it is my favorite part of the day whether it is the last thing I do before bed or the first thing I do when I get up, or the 20 minutes I steal between other responsibilities. 
What I didn't expect was a family emergency recently taking me away entirely.  Fortunately, I have a small travel pack with my trusty Micron pens, card stock, Blistex and reading glasses which all fit perfectly in a tea tin and a duvet cover package.  I love repurposing items.  I will post more about my traveling "art studio" soon.
As far as finding time to create - you MUST be organized.  I figured that out in the first 24 hours!  I will review a great IKEA find that helped me with organization and again, a kitchen item that I repurposed.

I promise I will do some more product reviews soon.  I know it is a help when I am trying to make a decision on a purchase and I want to return the favor!

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bz said...

I love the "Let Go" Bookmark. Makes me want to let go!!