Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day 67 Making a Bookmark Daily for 365 Days

I went to the orthopedic surgeon on Valentine's day.  Dr. Wang added some exercises to my physical therapy and I advanced from two pound weights to five pound! 

Dr. Wang has been fantastic in helping with my recovery.  His birthday is coming up in March and he plans to retire!!  He will be missed.  I am grateful for his patience.  Also I want to thank his assistant, Danielle, for her kindness and cheerful attitude.  I always thought of a question I forgot to ask during the appointment and she always found out the answer for me! 

Dr. Wang was my inspiration to start drawing again (keep moving my hand and wrist - use it or lose it) which led to this blog and Lazy Lizard Studio.  I spend time in my art studio daily now.  It has been as important to me in my recovery as the range of motion exercises and the weight-bearing exercises I do in physical therapy.

I love this bird I collaged onto the magnetic bookmark.  I cut it out of some decorative paper for the collage.  It is mounted in the center of a blank greeting card.

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