Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fairy bookmark staff style Day 92

I really like these staff-style bookmarks.  They don't damage the pages and they look good on the bookshelf dangling over the edge of the book.   I plan to line some up and take a photo of a few of them on the bookshelf. 

I have more ideas than I do hours these days it seems.  I have some cute mini accordion books planned and a surprise....well, more of a surprise box!  I want to make some more of the 3x3 mini books - they make great cards and the pockets are perfect to stick a few dollars in for gift giving!

The other day I made a domino girl staff-style bookmark that I do not want to part I decided I want to make more...........but entirely different.    For one thing, the Art Girlz went out of business so I can't get the pewter body part charms any more.  What is great about that, it forces you to improvise and come up with something.  I have several things I want to try!  I can't wait.  I use to doodle more, but lately I just make lists of all the bookmarks and books I want to make.  Anyway, I have some some of my own "gurlz" coming up soon! 

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