Wednesday, April 03, 2013

April is National Letter Writing Month

This is the envelope I addressed to my pen pal:

...and below is the ROCK I mailed to our fearless leader/organizer of this group of letter-writing bloggers (over 100 strong).  You can read more about this whole project on Lindsay's blog.


I haven't posted any of myrecent bookmarks, but I have been making them and I have also been doing some small canvas art pieces featuring the same "Art Gurlz" from my bookmarks. 

Plus, I taught a mini mini work shop....all of which I will be blogging about soon.  I have said this before, I am so glad I chose making a bookmark daily rather than blogging daily!!!!

My studio is a shambles I have so much going on.....There are layers and layers of stuff on my drafting table.....not a surface left bare.  Because of that, I decided that my beloved yet HUGE roll top desk will get to still live with me.  It is rather LARGE for my current space. and I was planning to sell it finally.....but all those little drawers and all the space.....well I just have to turn it into another art station!  Plus, I want to update it a bit....I plan to decoupage some great stuff on it.  I will post that ongoing project too. 

Oh and I have another contest giveaway coming stay tuned!  I am still here.....

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