Monday, May 06, 2013

Mother's Day cards/bookmarks and more things to do with Washi Tape

I am working on some special order cards with bookmarks for Mother's day.  They are more like mini six-page books that cards.  Each has a bookmark inserted in a pocket on the last page of the book.  Below are photos of just the bookmarks.  They are all laminated for protection.  They are also magnetic to really hold your place. 

The picture below gives you a better idea - a six-page mini book rather than a card.
I posted a washi tape tutorial a few posts back.  In the photo below you can see where I have used washi tape to make a little belt to hold the mini book/card closed.
In the photos below I show some of the covers of the mini books.  The edges have washi tape.  In this case, I did use washi tape that I purchased.  The first photo below shows the mini book with the washi tape belt across the top.  The photos directly below show the mini books without their belts.

Photo below is a sample interior page.  They can be custom ordered to have any type of  wording that you want, any color palette you prefer and you can have photos included.
The three photographs show the last page of the mini book.  On the left is the removable magnetic bookmark that was pictured in the beginning of this post.  They slip into the side pocket and they can be stored in the card when not being used in a book.

If you are interested in a custom mini book card with removable magnetic bookmark, for Mother's day, birthday's, Thank you or just because, please contact me on this blog, or my Facebook page or my store - all the information is on this blog.  If you do not see the card on the Big Cartel (my online shop), you can contact me to order.


Dawn said...

These are fabulous!!

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Laurie, these little books are so pretty and I love the "belt", what a clever idea!!