Tuesday, July 16, 2013

GABA General Meeting: Across the USA in 30 Days or Less with Susan Reed

Meet Susan Reed.  She rides a two-wheel recumbent.  You can read more about her experiences on her wonderful blog Bent Wanderings:  A Spiritual Journey of A Recumbent Rider.  In fact, it was Susan and reading her blog that encouraged me to go forward with the purchase of my trike.

 I was on the fence because of the expense and then during my research on the Internet I came across Susan.  She is also a member of a local recumbent Yahoo group.  I e-mailed her and the Yahoo group for advice.  I got a lot of encouragement.  I just want to say that it is my experience that recumbent bike and trike riders are some of the best people you will ever want to meet.

Susan and another member of the Yahoo group joined me on my inaugural ride.  They didn't even know each other at the time, they just both showed up to give me guidance.  We met on the Loop and they guided me on how to shift my gears.  Amazing patience.  Both are long-distance riders and they did not seem phased to be rolling at 5 - 10 mph (if we even got to 10). 

As I wrote that both were long-distance riders and I realize about all of the recumbent riders I know are long distance riders.  It just turns out that way. 

They probably don't think of themselves as long distance riders they are too busy having fun.  When you discover how comfortable and FUN it is riding a recumbent whether it be bike or trike, that is all you want to do is ride.  50 miles is probably an average, certainly 10 to 20 no big deal even when you are a beginner.  They are also some of the most interesting wonderful down-to-earth people you would ever want to meet.  Some travel with their dogs!  Maybe I can feature some of them on my blog in the future.

If you are in the Tucson area on August 5th, come to the GABA general meeting on Monday, August 5, 2013 at 7 pm in the Pima County Medical Society building at 5199 E Farness Dr. where Susan will be giving a talk on how she celebrated her 60th birthday in 2006 with a trip across the country: San Diego to Tybee Island, Georgia in 3000 miles over 26 days.  See you there!

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Susan said...

Hey Laurie, thanks for the promo for August 5th. Love being a part of your Bliss on your trike. Also love reading your blog. See you soon.