Thursday, July 11, 2013

Nayla's First Ride in the basket on my Gekko FX Trike

I let Nayla "sit" in the basket a couple of times to get the feel.  I lined the bottom of the basket with a wonderful kitty bed that fits perfectly.  She has a halter attached to the basket as well as the frame of the trike.  She rode in it as if she has been doing it all her life.  Of course, she is a rescue dog and I don't know much about her past, so maybe she did!
 Just unloaded the trike from my car and setting everything up in the parking lot.  Nayla is calm so far.  She is used to riding in my car and loves it, so hoping for the best.
 Well, looks like she is totally loving it.  It is over 100 degrees back in Tucson right now and the temperatures in San Diego, especially at the bay are much lower!  Over 30 degrees lower.  Thought it would be less stressful to try this out here at DeAnza Cove along Mission Bay with her and get her used to it.  I will reward her with a romp on Fiesta Island afterwards.  Something else she has never done.
 I think she enjoys the water as much as I do.  I know she loved watching the seagulls.
Just getting out on to the sidewalk for the ride. 

I think she looks so cute in the side mirror.
Okay, this is not the most flattering pose, bad angle the way I am slouched!!! lol lol  Below are some videos of the ride.

More videos.....

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