Monday, July 15, 2013

Riding the Rillito Bike Path to the Sunday St. Phillips Farmers Market

I am heading to the St. Phillip's farmer's market on the Rillito bike path (The Loop) on my Gekko FX trike.  I love farmer's markets and I love riding my trike and I love the Loop.  Perfect morning.
Here is one of the new fix it stations along the Rillito portion of the Loop.  A dad was pumping air in his daughter's Schwinn bike, her first ride on the path, he and his wife had ridden once before.  These are great self-service stations, you can not only air your tires, but you they have tools available for repairs and there is a QR code on the front of the stand to get detailed information onto your Smart phone to do those repairs.  Unfortunately many were vandalized shortly after they were installed.
Here is my Gekko FX - and for those of you not familiar with this model, it folds!
There are bike racks in front of Arizona Cyclist to park your ride.
 I love going to Farmer's markets.
Roasting chilies.
 Crowd gathers to listen to music.
 What a great way to spend the morning.
If you go, stop by my favorite booth:  Tucson Tamale!  They won't disappoint!

 I didn't get a photo of the Peddler on the Path mobile cafe.  Next time!!  He parks his mobile café on the path next to St. Phillip's plaza Saturday and Sunday mornings as well as going to bike events.
Here is a little video of my ride home.

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