Saturday, July 13, 2013

Taking the Gekko FX on to the Coronado Ferry, San Diego, CA

I am in San Diego heading to Coronado to ride the Bayshore Bikeway.  If you click on the link it will give you detailed instructions how to ride the San Diego Bay route from the Broadway Pier at the intersection of Broadway and Harbor Drive, downtown San Diego.  You can ride it around to Coronado and take a one way ferry ride back to your starting point.  Today I am doing a round trip ferry ride because I am not going to ride the whole bikeway.

 I parked in an ACE parking lot next to the Midway for $10 (prices as of June, 2013).  It was worth it to me.  It is located at 910 N. Harbor Drive (Phone (619) 233-6624).
The ferry is $8.00 and bikes (and trikes) are free.  You can check their schedule online.

Here I am at the San Diego Harbor, Broadway Pier first in line to board the ferry with my Gekko FX trike and hoping that she will fit through the gate, down the ramp and on to the ferry.

Video of the ferry ramp.

 This is a great back pack from WalMart with a water bladder inside and reflective tape, lots and lots of pockets.  Holds a lot!  Before I got my basket, I attached it to the rack.  The basket has a quick release so it is easy to take off and put on, plus it has a handle to carry it around.
I think it is a perfect fit.
It fit!  These are the bike racks on the first deck.
This is a popular destination for cyclists.  Take the ferry to Coronado to ride the Strand.
Video of the upper deck of the ferry.
I rode on the top deck to enjoy the view, trike is stored safely down on the first deck.  Here we are pulling in to the ferry landing at Coronado.  I think it is approximately a 15-minute ride.  There is also a water taxi available which you can get a bike on, but not sure about the trike.  Too much hassle.
Video of the ferry.
This is the view as we pull away from the Broadway pier.  You can also see the parking lot right next door to the ferry landing in this video.

Gorgeous day to ride the ferry, a lot of the times it is overcast. 
In the photo below you can get a glimpse of Seaport Village.

In the video below you get to see the Midway as well as a glimpse of Seaport Village.
In the video below shows our arrival to Coronado.
There are restaurants, shopping, bike racks and public restrooms available as soon as you land. Off of the ferry bear to the left onto the bike path.  I mention the public restrooms because there are not a lot of facilities when you get to the Strand portion of your ride.
There are plenty of bike racks available.  If you didn't bring a bike, you can rent one as soon as you depart the ferry.
Enjoy your ride!

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