Friday, January 24, 2014

Finding Balance - My Goal for 2014

  I have so many projects going that I barely have room on my drafting table to work any more. 
 This is my new Moleskin planner - I decorated the cover. 
My goal is to find more balance in my life and art in 2014!
Stay tuned....more projects to be posted!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

First complete projected for the New Year!

I started this in 2013 for a friend and finally finished and delivered it yesterday.  It went through a lot of changes from the original concept.  I did love working with the mini canvases.  I would like to do more of those.  I also enjoyed making the houses and plan to do more of those as well.

Let me give my friend a plug:  Malea Norris at Cadden Realty!  If you are looking for a good agent in Tucson or Green Valley, Arizona, give her a call!!

Here are some close ups ( LOVE the little SOLD sign on the For Sale Sign):