Monday, July 28, 2014

Pedal the Petrified, A 60-mile ride Petrified Forest National Park, Holbrook , AZ

I drove up from Tucson to participate in Northland Pioneer College's "Pedal the Petrified" 60-mile bike ride to help raise money for student scholarships.  They also had a shorter version.

I stayed in this great RV park in Holbrook, AZ.  They had cute cabins available to rent.  I loved the swing and it also had a picnic table in front.

They had a GREAT cowboy cookout with steaks or chicken.  I would go back up just to enjoy the cookout.  I brought my laptop with me so I could do some work while waiting for my dinner to cook.

I was so excited.  I was the first rider to show up at the event.

The riders participating in the 60-mile ride get to go first.  I was the only trike.

I almost stepped on this little guy when I pulled into a SAG stop.  You have to look closely to see him!

This was a wonderful event.  I got in just before a storm hit.

On my way home I caught this triple rainbow.

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